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Giant Puppet Workshop

Using a variety of techniques participants will be taught the basics of making large processional puppets / creatures. The participant will learn Basic lightweight construction skills; Methods of covering structures Innovative and creative ways of developing a character; Confidence through movement and performance.


Length –  2 Days basic – 3 to 4 Days for larger more elaborate characters

Suitable for –  Middle school & High school students and Adults

Max No. Participants – ideal group size is 12, if working with larger school classes, teacher and helpers are necessary, particularly with middle school students. Participants will work in small groups of 2 or 3 to produce 1 puppet

Planning – The class is designed for participants with no previous experience in puppet making. Although basic construction skills are handy.

Workshop Outline-

Day 1
• Intro, power point presentation
• Tool box – intro to materials being used
• Theatre games
• Designing a character
• Basic back construction
• Cover frame with stretched muslin
• Theatre game
• Demonstration on how to create 3 dimensional facial features
• Participants start creating their creature.

Day 2
• Movement game
• Students continue with puppet construction
• Attach limbs to puppets
• Paint, dye and add top fabrics to complete the puppet.

Please note for more elaborate creature with more finished details a 3 to 4 Day workshop is advised, in a longer workshop, participants will practice movement in there puppet more and a demonstration on foam dipped latex mask making will be given.

Materials list -Participant requirements- Please wear old clothing and or aprons as dyes and adhesives used do not comes out .Bring • Good scissors • Paper and pens/ pencils• Any scraps of materials large or small to help adorn our finished puppets

Venue requirements – Good ventilation, .Access to power and water, Large space to practice movement, Tables and chairs, Projector and screen (great if available if not PowerPoint can be showed to participants on lap top)

 Materials levy – Approx 35 – $ 45 per person for a basic puppet

Materials levy includes Bamboo, cane of varying thickness, muslin cloth, wadding, masking and gaffer tape, eyes, fabric dyes, paint, sequins, latex, PVA, hot glue sticks, assortment of fabric to top dress, small selection of pain.

Equipment supplied by tutor – secateurs’, scissors, brushes and hot glue guns.

Giant Dragon Puppet – WB 2007