Weaving from Nature


Workshop Summary

Using an assortment of materials – Cane, fabric, handmade paper, local grasses etc, and participants will use basic weaving skills to produce a small woven article.

Through use of colour, texture and text students will be encouraged to make their finished article a ‘memento’ representative of a special time, place or personal story.


1 or 2 Days

Suitable for
Level: Adults of all levels of abilities

Max No. Participants: 12

Workshop Outline
Day 1 – The following is a basic outline for a two-day session, During shorter sessions individuals would create smaller less elaborate pieces of work, have less discussion time and learn fewer weaving skills.

• Welcome and Viewing of images.

• Discussion on Materials and the uses and history of basketry

• Participants will also discuss making and how weaving can be used for celebrations and to commemorate a special occasions. This is followed by a Brain storming session on paper

• Demonstration of construction and weaving Techniques.

• Break

• Students start on individual piece

Day 2 • Demonstration of different weaving techniques

• Completion of individual piece

• Photograph work.

• Discussion on other techniques and ways of combining materials.

Materials list

Participant requirements • Scissors• Camera• Pen and paper• 1 Bucket• Old towel.• Natural ‘found’ objects particularly things that have a ‘personal’ meaning to them. E.g. Stones, bark, leaves, grasses, seeds, seedpods, paper rubbish, drift wood, vines.

Venue requirements This workshop is most suited to venues that have access to a well shaded, easy to clean indoor or outdoors workspace with tables and chairs and an easy to access outdoor environment where participants can install work – (carpeted areas are not really suitable).

If working outdoors adequate shade must be available. Access to water and power and tea and coffee facilities will be needed and if access to projector and screen is available a power point presentation of work may be shown.

Materials levy Approx $15 per person

Materials levy includes Cane natural and dyed, string, thread, needles, glues, various natural materials, vines leaves bark stones etc.

Tutor will provide – secateurs, buckets, hot glue guns, pliers, scissors needles, reference material.

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