Lanterns / Festivals / Parades

                            3D Art for Projects, Processions and Celebrations

Workshop Summary

This is a series of workshops designed to give an introduction to “making for performance” The classes will cover simple techniques useful for making lanterns, puppets, environmental sculpture, costumes and props. Cane, bamboo, paper and fabric will be the main materials used and participants will be given the opportunity to discuss, design and create a variety of Art Works.

The activities chosen as “Hands On” projects can be easily tailored to suit students of all ages and abilities and although the focus will be on making for performances, processions and celebrations many of the techniques could be used to enhance any school project.

Length  –  1 or 2 Days

Suitable for–  Adults and Middle & Secondary school

Workshop Outline

Day 1 Session 1

“Getting to know your materials and Tool Kit” – Intro to cane, bamboo and basic construction materials and tools – uses, pros and cons, suppliers etc.

Project – Create leaf and insect mobiles using cane and paper

Session 2

“3D construction” – How to construct and design a 3D object- Different uses and techniques will be demonstrated and discussed

Project – construct a small fish, insect or lantern frame- work.

Day 2 Session 1

“Covering 3D objects” – Exploration of different papers and fabrics that can be used to cover and decorate structures – look at simple shadow puppetry and combining it with costumer props etc.

Project, – completion and covering of lantern and or 3D insect/ fish. – Construct simple shadow puppet where time permits.

Session 2

“Things that fly” Hand held objects for carnivals and processions –

This final session will look at materials, techniques and designs for – windsocks, kites, banners and flags.

Project – Construction of simple Flag, or windsock.

Where projector and screen are a available – PowerPoint presentation of inspiring images will been shown (Tutor to provide lap top)

Materials list

Participant requirements Imagination and enthusiasm!

Venue requirements • Chairs and tables • Access to power and water • Tea and coffee  making facilities • Projector and screen for PowerPoint presentation (great but not essential).

Materials levy Approx  – $20 per person

 Materials levy includes  – Cane, bamboo, PVA, hot glue gun, tape, wire, various paper and fabrics, paint and string.